PA Defense & Tactical Expo: Saturday, September 14th | 10-5 | Merchants Square Mall, Allentown, PA | $5 Admission

The PA Defense & Tactical Expo was created to fill a void in the gun show industry within our region. Every single show out there has a great selection of firearms and related accessories, but none focus solely on those designed specifically for self/home defense and tactical shooting, until now.

At the PA Defense & Tactical Expo you will find a diverse array of the best in concealed carry, home defense and tactical firearms, accessories and ammo, as well as other self defense products, home security and emergency preparedness products.

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First-time buyer? Unsure of where to start?

The PA Defense & Tactical Expo will have countless experienced gun owners and industry professionals on-site who will gladly explain the pros and cons of various types of firearms and gear, ensuring you make a well-informed purchase decision.

Handgun? Shotgun? Only you will know what’s best for protecting yourself and your family, so be sure to visit all the vendors and ask plenty of questions. They’ll surely be happy to help you make the right choice for your needs.